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Kitty Transport

Cats are some of the most fun companions you could have as a pet owner, but they can also be a little tricky. By nature, cats tend to be very independent and often picky which can make them a challenge to bring to the vet. Northlake Animal Hospital wants to make your next visit simple and stress-free so here are some tips to make your cat’s next trip to the vet a little easier.

Preparing the Carrier

Excellent ventilation and sturdy plastic are two of the most important factors to take into account when selecting. carrier. Ideally, it should have a top that the cat can be lifted to make it easier to retrieve your cat.

It’s a good practice to leave the carrier in an undisturbed area your cat likes to frequent, this will help them become familiar with the carrier and not associate it with a car ride and vet visit.

You should consider placing a piece of clothing with your scent in the carrier and include soft bedding, their favorite treats, or familiar toys. If your cat is nervous, you might want to consider a calming collar or Feliway before transport.

The Ride

While in the car, it’s important to make sure the cat is as comfortable as possible. To reduce motion sickness, avoid feeding your cat a few hours before the trip. After you’ve placed your cat in the carrier, place a towel over the carrier. This should help calm your cat. In the car, drive smoothly and reduce the noise (music, honking, etc.). Instead, try talking to your cat, as your voice can be reassuring. A cat’s sense of hearing is four times sharper than ours.

Once You Arrive

While in the waiting room, keep the towel on the carrier and sit far away from any dogs. When possible, ask to be placed directly into our cat-only exam room. Place the carrier on a chair or table and avoid placing it on the ground whenever possible. Once in the exam room, open the carrier to let your cat come out, on their terms, to roam freely and explore. We know veterinary visits can be stressful, but Northlake Animal Hospital strives to minimize the stress on our patients and make every visit as enjoyable as possible to both you and your pet.

Have More Questions About Transporting Your Cat?

We are here to help! Northlake Animal Hospital strives to improve the health of pets and their bonds to their owner and we do so through our quality care and important insights. If you have any questions about your pet’s health or how to make them more comfortable,, contact us today!

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