At Northlake Animal Hospital, we believe advances in technology provide even more solutions to pet care! This is why we are partnered with Anipanion to offer telemedicine appointments.

Pet parents can easily access excellent service with more immediacy, convenience, and ease of communication – all with the same levels of care afforded by an in-office visit. We can answer your questions and diagnose your pet virtually. Working together, we’ll make your furry companion healthy again from the comfort of your home.

How Telemedicine Works:

Telemedicine is the most convenient way to get quality service. You don’t even have to call or email the hospital. All you need to do is connect in a video consultation with your pet’s veterinarian. Telemedicine will allow our team to gather all the essential information about your pet and their condition, and we’ll provide you with the healthcare they need as efficiently as possible.

To get started with a virtual visit, download Anipanion today and follow these 4 simple steps:


Download the Anipanion app on your mobile device or visit their website.


Search for: Healthy Pets Veterinary Care


Insert your information.


Then start chatting or schedule a virtual visit.